Jan 11, 2012

Food Matters

☞ It's no secret that Brent and I are foodies, or gourmets, or whatever word is less derogatory these days (there was a debate on that very topic on a design/food blog a few weeks ago). We love cooking and we love going out to eat and discussing the merits of what's on our plates. We also really enjoy figuring out what's in salad dressings and sauces. For people like us, Portland is a dream town. There are really fantastic restaurants where you know the food doesn't arrive in frozen form, ready to be dumped into a pan and served on your plate with a little bit of effort to make it look fresh. 

☞ We're not rich by any means, so we don't often go out to eat, but in the past two months, we've had Thai food for four different restaurants, Mexican food from two places (¿Por Que No? takes the cake for their delicious tortilla chips, and for the layout that enabled me to take that photo of Brent), and have been to a few other places. We did breakfast at Helser's on Alberta where I had eggs benedict for the first time (and really enjoyed them). In the next few months, I hope we can score a table at Khun Pic's Bahn where I had dinner over a year ago with my friend Julie, but if not, I'll be happy with the chef's sister's restaurant in NE Portland. She makes some really good Pad Thai (I can't resist a combination of tofu, egg and peanuts). 

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☞ I'm mostly a tea drinker, but in this city, you can't not drink coffee sometimes. After walking past it a few times, I finally went to Heart Coffee Roasters on Burnside with my friend Cynthia and had their cappuccino which had a great almond biscotti aftertaste that made it okay not to dunk some almond biscotti in its foamy goodness.  


☞  And we've also been cooking a lot. Now that the price of winter squash at Whole Foods has doubled, and the selection is not quite as impressive in most grocery stores, we've had to find new dishes to make. We recently fell in love with an Israeli dish made with canned tomatoes, chickpeas and eggs, and a coconut milk lime dressing for quinoa salad, as well as a Mexican-type salad of beans (black and garbanzo), avocado and tomato, with plenty of cilantro mixed in. And the photo above is of an onion tart I made for brunch in early December. 



  1. yuummmm. i would love to do a food tour with your. those eggs look expecially amazing.

  2. Your post made me hungry - everything looks so yummy!