Blog Roll

In the past few weeks, I've tried to streamline my blog roll. These are the ones that have made the cut, for the reasons explained below. 

  • A Bryan Blog : for his beautiful and consciously imperfect film photos.
  • Cindy Loughridge: here, here and here. If you think three links are too many, you clearly haven't seen her work. 
  • I Art U: because she's one of a handful of people who make me think that digital can be awesome. 
  • Jeana Sohn: for the beautiful fashion work and the "get out and work" message I hear in my head when I read her blog. 
  • K. Miller Photographs : for her wedding and Portland posts. Kim is an awesome human and also one of those people who make digital photography appealing to this film photographer. I've been known to curse loudly when looking at her photos. Out of respect. I may have wanted to cry. More than once.
  • Life of Belle : one of my new favorite blogs. Incredible photography. 
  • Lingered Upon: Incredibly talented film and digital photographer. 
  • Orangette : for the beautifully told and illustrated stories of food related memories.
  • Sonya Yu: also one of those photographers whose beautiful photos elicit some crying and cursing on my part. See Kim Miller, Cindy Loughridge and Alice Gao. 
  • Sweet Amandine : for the beautiful film images and stories she tells. 
  • XO, Azuree : full of Polaroids, and well written. Que demander de plus?