Mar 11, 2014


This has been winter so far. That and rain.

 Also making an appearance, a light leak in my Mamiya 645 back because I'm lazy and always forget to put my dark slides back. Learned my lesson this time, though. 

Nov 27, 2013

San Francisco

Ah, San Francisco. Where do I start? Can I move there? How do people even afford to live there? But in all seriousness, it was a great trip. Much too short, but great nonetheless. I had a ton of places I wanted to check out on my list, but didn't get to even 1/4th of them. That only means I have to go back, hopefully when it's not insanely sunny (read: when the light isn't super harsh), and this time, I'll make more photos. 



Nov 20, 2013

-- This house --

Things have been changing around this house in the past few weeks. After browsing colors in paint stores and online for hours, we finally selected two colors and repainted the living and dining room two different colors. Next up are the bedroom and hallway. We also replaced the dining room table (aka my desk) and chairs and went with a more modern style with cleaner lines. I felt that there was too much wood in our house, so white was needed to provide some contrast. And this weekend, I'll be making this lamp instead of spending money I don't have on the tripod lamp I've wanted for months. 

Another change I made recently was upgrading to an iPhone 5c and using it for Instagram. I will still be posting film scans once in a while, but for the moment, I'm having a lot of fun getting to know this new device and its camera. 

Nov 14, 2013

Fall with a Hasselblad

A quick walk to test a Hasselblad's film back this morning was all I needed to be reconciled with a season that arrived too late and was already underway when I came back from a too short vacation. Fall, we're cool. 

Also: all of these were shot before 11am, developed two hours later, scanned a few minutes after that. Don't hate me.