Jan 18, 2015

Florida Sunset

In mid December, my husband and I flew to South Florida to visit his family, and amid the family time, I was able to see the water twice. These images were taken in the vicinity of Naples, during a beautiful sunset. My second trip to the beach was for power walking, so my camera stayed home. 

To be honest, these photos need to be reprocessed because the colors aren't up to my standards, but this season has been anything but slow at the lab, so my own work ends up getting repeatedly postponed. I still have a countless rolls that need rescans, or images that were scanned but never processed. And staying late to work on my own photos after staring at someone else's for hours is about the least appealing way to spend my free time, especially when there are walks to take, meals to make and books to read. 

Mamiya 645 Pro // Portra 400

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