Feb 25, 2012

One Photo Post {1}


Canon AE1 // Portra 400

To thank me for taking photos of her jewelry pieces, Betsy gave me the necklace on the left. It was difficult choosing a piece I liked more than the others because I love them all.  

I'm a little tired of grouping my photos, so for a while, I'll be posting one photo a day or every other day with a few words. I'm just not good at finding common themes. I struggled with that in high school, college and grad school. Only with a friend's help was I able to organize my ideas into themes for high school lit papers. In college, I needed more time to organize my paragraphs than to write the damn papers. I'm a free flow writing kind of gal.


  1. what a gorgeous necklace! lucky lady!

  2. also, i really love that photo of the pie in your header.