Feb 16, 2012

Randomly VII


☞ Where's that beautiful sun we had a couple of weeks ago? The one I couldn't enjoy for very long because I couldn't walk? Now I can't walk out in the rain because my ankle hasn't healed yet, but at least, I'm not as broken up about it as when it was super sunny. I was starting to be fine. I walked around the Chinese Gardens last weekend, and then around Laurelhurst. I felt good. My foot didn't give in. The next day, I was still okay, but two days later, I walked 55 blocks to get my negatives back. That wasn't smart, and it hurt like hell when I stopped. Since then, I haven't further than the grocery store. I've been spending a lot of time looking at those little corners of my home, checking out cameras and pinning stuff on Pinterest. Cooking too. The new issue of Kinfolk has kept me company.


Canon AE1 // Kodak Portra 400


  1. I love your photos, as always!

  2. Truly love the photos of your home!

  3. this is really beautiful. so soft.

  4. I love how you capture the little moments so beautifully.