Mar 30, 2012

Foxtail, Pt 2

A couple of weeks before we shot the lookbook, I spent two early afternoons with Betsy at her studio taking photos of her newest pieces and of some older ones. On one of those days, we visited the basements of the shop where more artists make things as varied as ceramic cups, kayaks and guitars. It's a gigantic building, and there are so many artists working there side by side. I hope to be able to take photos there because it's such a fantastic place. 

I just created the "project" tag which will be the tag I use for my paid and unpaid work. For now, if you click on it, you can see the work I've done with Betsy, but I hope to build on that and start working with more local artists in the next few months. 


  1. i love the way you staged these shots. really beautiful!

  2. Love love LOVE that last photo. Is the building Betsy's studio in over by the Miller Paint building? If so, I have a friend who just got a workspace there and I've been DYING to see the inside!

  3. j'adore le paire du bas!