Apr 27, 2012

One Photo Post {16}


Canon 1N // Portra 400

▻ Four weeks ago or so, we went to southern Oregon for the weekend to visit friends and see the wineries. We went to two tastings and I even partook in the wine drinking and didn't hate it. I took more photos that are yet unprocessed because I haven't shot with the AE1 much lately. It's my fault for using Fujicolor 100 when I'm plain tired of how it looks. Maybe we'll reconnect at some point. 

▻ This week, I've been running around town and scanning lots of film, spending time with my parents and not cooking much for a change. Brent has done some entertaining too, and some hockey and soccer watching with my dad. This weekend, we're heading down to Bend to see different landscapes and breathe some fresh air. Have a good weekend, guys! 


  1. Bend seems wonderful, from all that I've read. I'm trekking to Portland on the 1st of June and might try to squeeze in a short trip down there. Happy Friday, Anne!

    1. Bend was really cute and if you have the time, check out Smith Rock. It's about an hour north of Bend. I have a couple of restaurant recommendations for Bend if you want.

  2. i always want to go wine tasting solely for the picture opportunities. so photogenic!

    hope you had a good weekend. :)