May 23, 2012


Minolta X500 (except for #1: Canon 1N) // Ilford HP5+

Gelato on Sunday nights before (or after) the new Mad Men / Signed up for another darkroom class / Prepping a package for my first Etsy sale / Dying everyday shoes / A new (lens-less for now) addition to our family / An old man who wants to be an addition to our family.

▻ Also: over a year after we filed the original petition that led to my moving halfway across the world, I was approved for a green card. The interview was painless; in fact, the lady was unbelievably nice. Way to go, ladies who work for DHS/the State Department! You give bureaucracy a good name!


  1. bravo pour la green card et pour la vente etsy :)

  2. hey! those bw are stunning!

  3. woot on the green card -- congrats!

    and, of course, lovely set of pics. especially of the kitteh.

    1. Thank you so much, Jacqueline!

  4. Congrats on the green card!

    And btw that gelato looks too good to be real! Like a prop or something :)