Aug 4, 2012

⎨Studio Time⎬

Those photos are from three different days and sessions, with very different light situations and different films, but they all reflect what I've been doing lately and who I've been working with. Now here's my corny moment: I could never have found what I want to be shooting without the two wonderful people in this post. They've given me the opportunity to try portraiture and the confidence to keep doing it. 
I still have a lot to learn and I'm so excited about it. I'm at a great place where I can honestly say I love the results I've been getting but I see where and how I can grow and that's what I'm the most excited about. This weekend, I'm doing some theoretical learning that I'm looking forward to putting into practice next week. 

--1749 --1751 --1752 --1753
Mamiya M645 // 1-2 : Fuji 400H
3-4 : Kodak Ektar
Minolta x-500// 5: Ilford HP5+


  1. ce sont de très belles photos <3

  2. first of all, I like these very much. They have such a quiet intensity to them, I guess they touch me on a personal level too, as an sculptor and film shooter! I have shot artist friends in their studios on several occasions, but I've never been able to get such wonderful light as you have here.
    P.S. It's not corny, but very generous of you to thank the people that have helped you to gain confidence and refine your vision.

  3. i just love these portraits. absolutely lovely.

  4. you know i love this series!
    : )

  5. Beautiful portraits indeed.

  6. How wonderful! The portraits are so earnest and the detail so enriching. Lovely.

  7. Thank you so much, guys (and girls)!

    Suzie: Ha, the light was really not that great then, I just adjusted my settings accordingly! Fake it till the sun comes out and creates a warm glow!

  8. I love, love, love the capture of the chair. These are beautiful, Anne!

  9. Lovely! The one with the chair is especially enchanting. Sculpting is so fascinating to watch, too.

  10. Love the chair shot! But, all of them are beautiful.

    - klo