Nov 20, 2012

⎨Alexa Stark, Pt 1⎬

A few months back, I met Alexa through Kim who invited me to Alexa's store opening on Alberta. A few days later, I asked if I could photograph her for my artists and artisans project. At the time, the project was in its infancy -- I had only photographed Betsy at work and wasn't sure where to take the project from there. For a few weeks (er, months), Alexa and I put off the shoot until I ran into her at the Art Museum last week and we decided to get together the next day. I hauled half of my film gear across town and spent a couple of hours in her ultra modern, light-filled live-work space and these photos are (part of) the result. I went a little overboard and shot two & a half rolls of 120 (mostly on the C220) and 2 rolls of 35mm on the 1N. You'll see Alexa's face (and her beautiful curly hair) in the next installment. 

Diptychs: Canon 1N & some Ektar, some Superia 400
Square: Mamiya C220 & Portra 400
Last: 1N & Superia 400


  1. I love both of you guys and your art so much! I admit it, I feel pretty pleased with myself that I was the source of this awesome connection. :)

    Can't wait to see them curls!!

  2. You should be! This was probably my favorite shoot! I am so so thankful to you for that!
    This session also reconciled me with the Canon 1N and vertical shots. Vertical shots look great as diptychs, so now I'm a fan. And I'm done trashing 35mm.

  3. great place to work, very inspiring. now we have to see the artist!
    ; )

  4. Hi there. Really enjoying scrolling through your work here tonight. Off to click through a bit more while I finish my tea...

  5. i love your style! Reminds me of Sibella Court :) and she's my absolute favorite