Nov 13, 2012

⎨Forgotten roll⎬

These images are from the last roll of Agfa Vista that Kim gave me a few months ago. Because of the orange cast, I hadn't known how to shoot most of the roll so I just ignored the camera I'd loaded it in. I knew this film worked well with greens and yellows and was a good tool to have for Asian food shots, but terrible for portraits. It was also right around the time that I was questioning the direction I wanted my work to go in. I have yet to figure the film out completely, so I won't be buying any in the near future, but it was nonetheless a fun film to use. I'm going to stick to the films in the last shot.  

These images were shot between June and late September. The first two were made in Seattle at our bed and breakfast on a slightly rainy morning before we checked out. I loved the white and green on and around the porch and I'm glad I captured it on this film (in addition to Ektar here). The rest were taken at home, with the door wide open, the only way I can shoot anything in this apartment. The first two make me want to go back to Seattle and explore the city with Brent. There were a few things we didn't have time to do, places we didn't have time to eat etc. 

Canon 1N // Agfa Vista 100

Recently, 35mm hasn't appealed to me at all. I'm tired of horizontal shots on 35mm and how narrow they are when scanned. I'm so in love with my medium format cameras that I haven't picked up my 1N except to take a couple of shots at Multnomah Falls last Saturday. I'm going to start taking more vertical shots that I can use as diptychs, but the majority of my images will continue to be shot on both of my Mamiyas. 


  1. So much fun with film and the knowledge behind it. Wish it was cheaper to develop films.

  2. I like the *feel* in this. Film photography is the best. Can't wait to develop my roll :D

  3. I'm so glad you had a good time with that film and made such lovely photos with it! :)

    I am totally feeling you on the 35mm vibes, too. I bought some ridiculous number of expired Portra 160VC from Ebay earlier this year and have yet to even make a dent in the boxes. Meanwhile, I've been hugging my Rollei wondering why I ever set it down! <3

    I think it's pretty normal to go through phases like this, though. Sometime halfway through winter I'll probably be back to hugging my F100, no doubt.

  4. Gorgeous photos! I especially love the 3rd one (on the left) of the lovely blue flowers. Beautiful!