Jan 30, 2013

⎨Home these days⎬

The flowers our realtor gave us on the day we closed on the house are still alive but withering. I think I'm going to make it my New Year's resolution to buy flowers at least once a month. 

We're all moved in, though still looking for some replacement curtains. I'm not a big fan of the pink ones the previous owner left us, but until we find some thicker ones, they will have to do. We're also looking for a small-ish credenza for that really small wall in the dining room. There are things I want to add or replace down the line, but this house of ours already feels like a home. More photos will be coming as soon as the weather improves a touch around here and that winter light decides to show its pretty face again. 


Mamiya C220 // Portra 400


  1. Congrats on your new home! I know the excitement of the making a space your own.

    And the flowers are beautiful.

  2. Beautiful flowers and beautiful composition. :)

  3. ah yay, how exciting! we still need to meet up one of these days.
    (i'm waiting for that summer light rather than the winter)

  4. I've made the same resolutions: to bring more flowers into my home. I can't wait for the local farmer's markets to start up again...

    And super huge congratulations on your new home! That's so exciting...

  5. Thanks, Azzari! I'm so happy we found the right house for us. It's exciting indeed.

    Maica -- Thanks for the sweet comment!

    Ally -- Yes! We do need to meet up.

    Jade -- I've heard about the St Johns market and I can't wait for it to start. And thank you!