Jun 23, 2013

A Visit to the Rose Test Garden

After a year and a half in Portland, I finally made my way to the International Rose Test Garden a few days ago. It was there I tested my new Mamiya 645 Pro, the one I bought to replace the failing M645 that causes all those overlaps and light leaks. Probably shouldn't have tested it with Portra 160, a film I so rarely use, but it was fun taking it out for a ride and seeing the looks of passersby. It's a big camera, and I used the Polaroid back, which made it look even more enormous, and the automatic winder emits this loud sound that makes it impossible not to be noticed. 

I want to go back before the rose season is over, but these are some of my favorite roses. I'd never seen roses whose buds looked so much like the peony's, so I went a little shutter happy and neglected the more traditional kind.  

Mamiya 645 Pro // Portra 160
except for middle image, shot on Fuji FP-100C. 

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  1. Girl, I swear to you, those were my favorite roses from our recent trip there too!!! I think I stopped and stared/photographed them for a good 15 minutes when Cory was like,'Uh... lets go look at others.' Haha! I was completely enchanted by them! I hope to make it back again before the season ends too...