Jan 18, 2015

Florida Sunset

In mid December, my husband and I flew to South Florida to visit his family, and amid the family time, I was able to see the water twice. These images were taken in the vicinity of Naples, during a beautiful sunset. My second trip to the beach was for power walking, so my camera stayed home. 

To be honest, these photos need to be reprocessed because the colors aren't up to my standards, but this season has been anything but slow at the lab, so my own work ends up getting repeatedly postponed. I still have a countless rolls that need rescans, or images that were scanned but never processed. And staying late to work on my own photos after staring at someone else's for hours is about the least appealing way to spend my free time, especially when there are walks to take, meals to make and books to read. 

Mamiya 645 Pro // Portra 400

Oct 20, 2014

Portland parks in early fall.

Peninsula Park, North Portland. A thirty minute walk from our house, through one of my favorite neighborhoods in town, past houses built in the early years of the twentieth century, it's a smaller rose garden than the test garden in Southwest Portland, but it is equally charming (and less crowded). 

Laurelhurst Park, Southeast Portland. It's a sign that we're missing our old neighborhood when we visit this park twice in a week. I could spend all day walking through the park, reading by the pond and watching the ducks. 

All photos made with my Mamiya C220 on Portra 400.
Developed and scanned at Blue Moon Camera.

Oct 13, 2014

Paris in B&W -- Jardins

I don't shoot very much black and white. In fact, I don't shoot very much these days, and when I do, it's usually a roll of Portra 400 or a pack of Fuji FP-100C through my Polaroid back. But whenever I do shoot black and white, I tell myself that I really need to use it more often. So I brought a few rolls with me to France and here are some images from a couple of days in Paris. All but the last image were taken in the jardins du Luxembourg. The last one was made in the parvis Notre-Dame, if I'm not mistaken. 

Oct 2, 2014

Provence, Part 1

Some images from a week in Provence at the beginning of last month. We did what one should do when in Provence: explored small towns and villages, ate our weight in juicy tomatoes and olives, drank local wine, admired olive groves and vineyards and sat in the sun. It was a full week, and I realized how much I had missed that region and can't wait to go back. More photos to come. 

Top row: Avignon
Middle: Cucuron
Bottom: la Tour-d'Aigues. 
All made with a Mamiya 645 Pro on Portra 400