Nov 14, 2011


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My life lately is
- teapot upon teapot of green tea in the afternoon
- trying to write
- cooking
- shopping with Brent
- mucho pain in my hand & wrist (what else is new?)

What I've learned to cook
- freeform squash & feta tart / freeform potato & rosemary tart *
- Seaweed and soba salads
-  red curry & coconut soup with squash & green peas

What we've purchased
- a bookcase for 2/3rds of his albums and three of my cameras **
- the Japanese teacup and teapot above (plus another teacup)
- a Kitchenaid Artisan*** (wedding present from my parents)
- some more cooking utensils
- a recipe book for our new cooking adventures
- a metal box for my negatives (50 or so rolls, if I'm not mistaken)


* Recipe coming soon
** My favorite new addition
*** I lied, that's my favorite new addition


  1. Love the teapot with the wonderful handle.

  2. I dug this on Flickr, but I dig it even more as a pair :)

  3. thank you so much for sending me your new blog address, i'm really glad i now have it :) i love the japanese teapot + teacup! so cute xx