Mar 19, 2012



Canon 1N // Ektar

▻ This was taken with my cheap Canon 1N that looks like a digital beast but is so much more fun to handle. I still miss advancing the film myself, but I like the noise it makes when it advances automatically. And it's really easy to focus with the 50mm for someone who wears glasses.  

▻ I've been dreaming of a medium format camera lately and am eagerly waiting until my bank account has enough money in it that it doesn't miss a couple hundred dollars. Soon, I hope.  


  1. I love the little plants.

    1. Yeah, they're just adorable. So tiny and strong. I can't wait to see what they'll look like a year from now.

  2. Its hard when you already have a set of lenses to make yet another camera purchase. But I hear you! Yashica Mat envy right here, =)
    Yes, eff digital. I do love my little d90 for fun and quick pics, but full frame sensor digis are a scam. Besides, my film shots always come out prettier.=)