Mar 14, 2012

One Photo Post {12}


Canon AE1 // Superia 200

It's funny how some places are only associated with important events in your life, and it's not even because of their atmosphere. This place, Clay's Smokehouse, is where we went for lunch the day we got married. Granted, a smokehouse is an odd choice for the last meal before you get married, but the food was delicious, and the company fantastic. Brent knew my father was looking forward to having ribs again. On the ride back to the apartment, we almost got hit by a speeding van at an intersection. On our wedding day. 

We went back on the day my grandfather passed away. I wanted to get food from a cart, but Brent suggested Clay's again, and because it was so late, it was quiet, and it felt like being home, in a way. I took my camera with me because it's a habit, and I'm not sorry I did. I got a shot of Brent that I really like, and this skull with the boots in the background. 

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