Mar 8, 2012

One Photo Post {8}


Canon AE1 / Kodak P3200 

Mori's legs, the Dandelions at Kelly's Olympian, February 2012. 

No series of photos I've ever taken has made me as happy as shooting the show this photo was taken at. I could try explaining how I felt, but it wouldn't convey how comfortable and elated I felt. It was a "this is it" kind of moment. I remember that night as a blur, and no, the two cocktails I'd had weren't to blame for that. I only remember feelings. 

I just signed up for a darkroom introduction class because I hated being a photographer who's never developed her own film. 


  1. It is so beautiful to have moments like those. And the course sounds so exciting.

  2. I think that the feeling is probably better conveyed through this photo than words could ever convey it… ;)