Mar 6, 2012

One Photo Post {7}


Canon AE1 / Ektar 100

Despite the insane amount of rain we got yesterday, spring seems to be early around here: flowers are blooming everywhere, it's getting warmer, and it's sunny! I still can't walk very far because my ankle sprain hasn't healed yet, but my walks to the lab are going to get more interesting soon because of all those plants finally coming back to life. 

▻ I have projects on the horizon, and my cameras are getting some more use. I've even taken a couple of self-portraits! I'm getting some reading done, and spending less time browsing blogs and Flickr, and trying to remember that a photographer takes photographs. Who wants to work with a photographer who hoards lenses, camera bodies and film but doesn't shoot for herself? Also learning a lot, but what use is learning if you don't practice? Not that I've stopped taking photos (I have two rolls of film almost ready to be taken to the lab) but I still need to remind myself of that. 


  1. Beautiful depth on that photo of the cacti.
    Your second point it so true & I am in that period now, bleh :/
    But I'm going on vacation soon so hoping to make up for the slump.

  2. keep at it and never stop. there is so much to learn and taking photos is a joy, especailly when you do it for you and no one else. be inspired.