Mar 5, 2012

One Photo Post {6}


Canon AE1 // Ektar

Last Thursday, Kenny and I started driving out to the coast, but had to turn back mid-drive because the tires didn't have chains and the road looked like it would turn icy. The drive through the forest and mountains was gorgeous, there was snow everywhere and walking in the snow was such a nice change of pace. Once we got back to Portland, Kenny suggested going to Powells, and that's when I checked my email and found out that my grandfather had just passed away. I spent some of the weekend in shock, most of it in denial, but still managed to laugh a few times. Brent took me out to lunch to take my mind off things, and I went out for drinks on Saturday night. The rest of the time, I read a lot and tried not to think. The funeral was today, and I sent my father a paragraph I'd written for my sister to read. 


  1. i'm so sorry for your loss. it's always good to take your time to feel everything you are feeling, to mourn and also to celebrate the wonderful life the person that passed lived and shared with all the family.

  2. sorry about your grandfather. :(

  3. I am very sorry about your grandfather. I never knew either of mine. :(