Aug 27, 2012

⎨Home, lately⎬

I've been working a lot lately so when I'm off work, I try to make every hour count and do things. Unfortunately, in the past couple of days I've been tired after coming home and not in the mood to go out and do things*. That said, I'm going out more than I have in a long time and not being completely broke helps**.

--1756 .19838

1 & 2: AE1 // Superia 400
3: digital
4: Mamiya M645 // Fuji 400H

* But I still walk to and from work and did a photo-shoot yesterday that I can't wait to share here. 
** The not being broke thing is going to end soon which worries me but I'm mostly worried that I won't find as great a workplace as the current one. People who know me well know that if the people I work with are nice, dedicated, laid back and intelligent, I'm willing to be underpaid because going to work does not suck and that's worth a lot more to me than a paycheck. 

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  1. I'm down with the flu & feeling sorta crappy but these lovely snaps sure are cheering me up, Anne.
    Are you wearing straw ballerinas? Love the hat too, I just ordered a straw boater online. I definitely think a great work environment is more important than a paycheque too. That's why I interned for Lomography... there weren't any monetary benefits, in fact I ended up spending a lot of money on it but I learnt a lot & throughly enjoyed being surrounded by creative people. I hope you find a workplace that you love.