Sep 5, 2012

⎨S e p t e m b e r⎬

It's been so quiet here lately, hasn't it? There was a big deadline at work that kept me very busy and a non major health problem that drained me of much of my energy. You were probably on vacation, or if you can't afford a vacation, at least you spent more time outdoors than at your laptop. So there you have it: we both deserted this place. Now it's September and we're all back and I'm working with Betsy again and these are the results. Betsy also started a Tumblr so check it out sometimes, okay? 


  1. This fall I am sooo treating myself to something from Betsy's Etsy! Beautiful work, wonderfully photographed.

    Glad you're back. :)

  2. the complete series have been made with a lot of taste. very nice and delicate pictures.
    wellcome back!
    : )

  3. betsy is a babe. your photos are getting more and more beautiful, but also—your writing. i love the way this was written. xx

  4. Kim -- Yay, I'm glad you like her work! She's working on more pieces so I'll let you know when to check out the new stuff.

    Antolin -- Muchas gracios, amigo!

    Jessica -- Thank you so much! Right back at you! Your photos lately have been so beautiful, warm and inspiring!