Sep 14, 2012

⎨C a r o l y n⎬


Mamiya M645 // Portra 400

Carolyn and her husband Paul helped me organize my surprise arrival last November, before I even knew them, and since I've met them, I'd always wanted to photograph the two of them. They posed for me last month and one of the rolls I shot was some Portra 400 at 800 ISO, but Brent forgot to tell the lab to push process it. I was left with a roll I thought had way too much red in it, so I stopped scanning after the first two frames. When I decided to scan the rest nonetheless, I found that most of the roll had the tones I expect from Portra, and this shot above was my absolute favorite. Carolyn is a mix of cute and edgy and that's what this image shows. 

In other news, my birthday is coming up and one of my parents' gifts is 12 rolls of film (so far). My grandmother's gift is money that bought a Mamiya C220. Expect some square goodness on this here journal soon. 


  1. You got a Mamiya TLR?! Yay! I'm so excited to see your shots. Do you love it? We should go shoot together. I love this portrait too. It feels so natural. xoxo

  2. My birthday is coming up too but I doubt someone will buy me some film... sigh! And one last thing... Happy Bday!