Sep 19, 2012

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There's an unbelievably elegant little coffee shop called Sterling Coffee Roasters in NW Portland that I kept thinking about after seeing it the first time. I fell in love with the simplicity of the table arrangements and the sweetness of the coffee. I decided to make it a tradition to go there for a shot of espresso after my doctor's appointments and so I brought the Mamiya last week. 

I had loaded it with Ektar that I always push two stops which is good indoors but not so much for outdoor shots. It became even more apparent when I scanned a photo of my husband and his hair was blue-ish. Mais revenons à nos moutons... Ektar just didn't cut it for the last shot so I had to make it black and white. And that line in the middle of the second photo? That's just Mr Mamiya acting up, which it does about twice per roll. I'm learning to accept its quirks. 

--1768 --1770

Mamiya M645 // Ektar 

* Have you seen this image of Chan Marshall? I'm listening to my favorite Cat Power song tonight (Lived In Bars) and couldn't help but be reminded of how amazing that shot was. The rest of the shoot is equally gorgeous. 
** I'm blown away by those contact sheets, and the one of Bill Evans is my absolute favorite. The one right below it is a very close second. Contact sheets and entire rolls of the same subject are magical. 


  1. stunning series, anne! the place looks like a wonder! and the espresso seem to have the perfect lenght (is correct call it lenght?) in italy is not much more than a 1,5 cm, strong and sweet, as you say.

    i was listening N. Merchant (My platonic girlfriend, hehehehe) and i have changed to Cat Power in Spotify (You fault, hehehehe).

  2. Love the 'mood' in these. I have a confession, I'm not naturally a coffee love, but I'm learning to drink good coffee (even if I have to add a lot of sugar) just so I can go to cafés, love the ambience in most.
    I completely agree with you about contact sheets.

  3. I feel like I never find little cafe type spots like this. I need to get out more. I love the small flower cups that they have. They're simple and beautiful.

  4. Love this post. I'm going to see Cat Power in Philly next month, cant wait. That's an awesome shot of her. x