Oct 4, 2012

⎨M a m i y a C 2 2 0⎬

I am writing a long entry that is taking far too long to draft and edit, so in the meantime, here are two shots from my test roll through the new Mamiya C220. Betsy had new boxes made for her store, with her logo embossed in blue ink, and they look adorable. The cuff in the first image is this one and it is really beautiful and elegant. 


Mamiya C220f // Portra 400

And while I'm on the subject of the new Mamiya, let me just say that the shutter cocking mechanism is a real bitch to use, mostly because the shutter is on the shutter release button is on the other side. If you don't have the best balance in the world, this camera isn't for you. It probably isn't for me, but I'm nothing if not stubborn so I will make it yield to my way of doing things. 


  1. Same problem with the Yashica Mat-124G over here! But I always have the best of time when I'm out with her!

  2. Love these captures, Anne. How do you like product photography?