Oct 15, 2012

⎨Foxtail -- Fall line⎬

I shot more product and semi-lookbook photos for Betsy's store almost two weeks ago and these are some of the results. If you like the ring that looks like a desert landscape, hurry up and get it because it's a one of a kind. Out of all the pieces I photographed, the bird necklace is my favorite, and I can tell you that the green patina and gold of the bird look fantastic together. It's such a perfect accessory to complement a 1960s look. 

I might have some film shots to add to this or might not, depending on my Mamiya which has been misbehaving lately. The C220 even more tricky than the M645 and so I've been wasting rolls trying to figure out its quirks. I'm beginning to think I should have bought a Minolta Autocord.


  1. Beautiful stuff, Anne. To me that dessert lanscape looks like an actual photo, it sort of blew my mind to know that those are the natural patterns on the stone. My personal favorite from these is definitely the double triangle ring.

    1. Isn't it incredible? My wedding ring has a stone with a sort of tree shape and it always amazes me that it wasn't made by the person who created the ring.