Oct 24, 2012

⎨Crema date⎬

I realized last month that it had been a while since my first and last Crema date with my almost neighbor Kim so I harassed her until she agreed to meet up with me at Crema, home of the egg turnover. We geeked out over cameras (of the film kind) and I let her know how much I'd been enjoying her wedding work. Her work is so lovely and fun and every new photo she posts renews my faith in wedding photography. She is just that talented. Now that it's fall, I hope we get to take photo walks with our twin lens reflex cameras.  

Mamiya M645 // Fuji 400H

Is it just me or does the bokeh have an odd texture?  
  Oh and that last photo was not easy to take and could have been so much better had I mastered the skill of shooting through a window. It's one of my goals. If you have any tips, please share them here. 


  1. Beautiful photos! I think the bokeh gives these photos such a dreamy effect!

    1. Thank you, Milynn! I'm a big fan of bokeh but this one has a texture and shape that I'm not used to.

  2. Oh, Anne, you know you never have to harass me for a photo date! It's always a pleasure spending an afternoon with you!

    These photos are awesome! I like that your reflection is in the last one, too, it's like a portrait of our friendship. :)

    I was wondering about the bokeh texture, too. It's almost blocky, like if you were to shoot through a screen door or something. Interesting!

    1. I wish I was a little less visible in that last shot, especially since I appear to be holding the camera in an odd way.
      Blocky is right, and I don't know why it's that way. I wonder if it could have happened during processing.