Dec 13, 2012

⎨Alexa Stark, Pt 2⎬

One of the coolest things about a live-work space is choosing how and when to work. Alexa told me that she liked sewing at night on her bed, where she's surrounded by handmade pillows. Her assistant also comes up to her bedroom on the mezzanine to work alongside her. When I visited Alexa, she thought I should see the upstairs where she spends so much time working. She had a quilt to work on so I made a few photos of her sewing while she told me about her work habits. It's times like this that I wish I carried a tape recorder so I could share what she told me about her work habits and her space. 

--1795 alexa sewing


  1. I love the complete series, Anne!You have made a wonderful reportage!

  2. beautiful photos and alexa's work environment is inspiring!

  3. I've always been so drawn to your photos of people making art, and it's double the fun getting to see you work with someone I know! These photos are beautiful and I absolutely love the fourth one. So glad you guys got to meet each other.