Jan 3, 2013

Happy New Year


Canon 1N // Superia 400
A borrowed Rolleiflex during my croissant date with Katie in mid December.  

Even though today is only January 3rd, this greeting feels a little belated. I hope you all enjoyed time spent with your families or friends, really great food & drinks and some quiet time. I spent my holidays in South Florida with my husband's amazing family, played with my young niece, cooked a fair amount, laughed a lot, and had to lock myself in the bathroom to get away from said young niece a couple of times. True story. I also took a stroll through the beautiful leafy areas of Fort Lauderdale with my husband's aunt where we almost got into an accident (we were driving too slowly), met a dog we both thought about kidnapping, talked about our favorite features of many a house, and forgot where we'd parked the car. I met a family member I had wanted to meet for a while, window-shopped and didn't get much sleep despite going to bed around 10 every night. 

Now we're back in Portland, we've celebrated the new year with friends over some $2 cocktails infused with Serrano peppers, and we're getting ready to move into our great first house in a couple of weeks. The next few days and weeks are going to be spent getting over a cold, working, and doing some real shopping for the house. It's an exciting start to 2013! And because it seems customary to write about your goals, here is mine: to simplify. It means getting rid of the superfluous things in my life, enjoying things that are beautiful and functional, and as far as photography is concerned, it should translate into selling two cameras I don't use, finding my style and not trying too hard to be good at everything. 


  1. Happy New Year, Anne!

    You're moving?! I'm having one of those secretly selfish moments where I think to myself, "I should be happy for my friend but noooo!" ;)

    I hope your new 'hood isn't too far from our current 'hood, and that we can have many winter photo meet-ups now that the holidays are over and done with! Cheers to that!

  2. Love this photo.
    Happy new year to you too and good luck with the move? Where are you going? Moving into a new space is always so much fun as you try to decide how you want to use each space.

  3. Happy new year! And congrats on the new house -- that's huge! Hopefully you'll post a few pics of it so we can see some nice nooks and crannies. :)