Mar 19, 2013

Foxtail // Spring 2013

Betsy has been selling her new pieces to a bunch of different shops around Portland and I couldn't be happier for her. She deserves it and I'm still in awe of all that she's accomplished in a little over a year.  I can't believe we started working together a year ago already! 

--1823 betsy 3 betsy 01 betsy 02


  1. So beautiful, Anne! I am so glad I discovered her work through you. You guys make a great team. What shops in town is she selling at? I have been wanting to buy a piece and have looked at her Etsy, but would love to support two local businesses at once!

  2. These photos are beautiful. The light but sharp look works so well with the subject matter.

  3. So so beautiful. Wished I could buy a necklace from her.