Apr 14, 2013

Four years

You know the images you wanted to be making when you first started but no idea how to make? These images embody them for me. I wanted to get those tones, that kind of light & exposure, but most specifically those angles. And it never worked, no matter how hard I tried. I would stand on chairs, move around, and fail every time. Granted, I knew nothing about light, and I wasn't interested in sitting down and reading about exposure back then. I thought things would come to me in their own time, because I'd always gotten what I wanted without working very hard. I always seemed to end up figuring things out. That was foolish, and now I actually work hard to get the results I want to get, but I'm also older, and possibly wiser. The latter remains to be seen. 

And when I got these results a couple of weeks ago, there was a big sigh of relief and I slept more soundly than I have in a long time. To most people, these are just pretty flowers, but to me, they're an accomplishment four years in the making. I'm sure next month, they'll seem mundane and amateurish, but right now, right now I'm proud of these images. 


  1. yes yes yes i know that feeling.
    and sometimes, like waiting for film, its a cool feeling to accomplish it after waiting a while for the wisdom to come to you, after some experience, rather than forcing it through cerebral efforts, you know?
    i esp love the light in the top left of the top left imagine.

  2. My graphic design teacher was stunned how photographers can still be in business when there are so many people taking almost pro-looking pictures every day on their iphones. I disagreed in silence because I know what an art it is to get exactly the right shot. These are examples of that.

  3. You should definitely be very proud of these! Those flowers are GORGEOUS and you've found (and captured) some amazing light!