Apr 17, 2013

Hasselblad + Polaroid back

To say that I fell hard for the Hasselblad and Polaroid back combo would be an understatement. I was one of those rare photographers who did not care to own a Hasselblad before I tried the Polaroid back. I knew, and feared, that the one thing that might make me change my mind about it would be borrowing the back. And I was right. In the last week, I've wondered what I could sell to afford a Hasselblad (Canon 24-70, anyone?) and scoured KEH for cheap parts to build a system from. It's probably not going to happen in a while, but I think that'll be my next camera (or I might spend $200 and get a beat up RB67 and Polaroid back). In the meantime, I'll have to work on the sharpness, maybe by cleaning the rollers.

And for good measure, some fun portraits I made of my Italian boy with the not-so-Italian-looking Barilla boy. He's not as adorable as the little Barilla boy, but he's close.

Hasselblad 500c // Fuji FP-100C (color) and FP-100B (b&w)

This still life kick I've been on is going to financially ruin me, not just in film, but in beautiful items that I've been collecting since moving in. Not that I wouldn't be buying them if I didn't photograph them, but it's a bigger incentive and, even worse, an excuse. "I just need this to use as a prop" is something Brent has been hearing lately. It's usually followed by "I'll put prints up on Etsy to pay for them" which is never followed by the act of putting prints up for sale.


  1. haha you sound just like me.
    i put prints up on etsy, they generally don't sell. but maybe you'll have better luck with these exquisite beauties.
    oh and i cleaned my rollers and glass; don't see a wild difference.

  2. ps. that last one with all the pull aparts on the table is my favorite.

  3. Gosh... I know why you fell so hard for it. The effects are melting my heart! And your composition is exquisite.

  4. These are lovely. The tones and softness from medium format polaroid backs are so unique.

    A few years ago, I sold my DSLR to afford my Rolleiflex and never regretted the decision. :)

  5. Ah, yes - this combination is definitely a favorite. It's amazing how simply having that picture in your hand with those soft tones makes such a difference. These are beautiful, Anne - I think the 2nd with the glasses is my favorite. And think of those props as an investment, they are worth it!

  6. HEAVENLY. Now I need one too! AH!

  7. these are gorgeous - I love the first photo of the tulips & also the photo with the cup & lemon :)