May 3, 2013

Those sakura trees

I was hesitant to bring a camera (let alone three) to the Waterfront last month because every photographer in Portland (and their mother) has photographed those majestic trees. But I wanted to see more than one sakura tree, so I dragged Brent along and spent about an hour walking around, making photos, and watching professional photographers do their thing. One of them made me smile (his assistant was throwing petals around the subjects), another made me sad, but I quickly forgot about them and focused on the flowers. It took me a while to find my proverbial groove but I realized that photography also requires some kind of warming up, and I felt a lot more comfortable with being uncomfortable with my camera at the beginning. And those warm up shots ended up being some of my favorites. They didn't feel right at first, but they ended up looking & being right. 

Mamiya C220 // 
A mix of Ektar and Portra 400


  1. they turned out really beautifully! i like the first and last ones the best.

  2. these are so lovely, anne. i really love that one in the middle. so sad sakura blooming season is over, but so happy actual cherry season is here!