Jul 21, 2013

⎨Home These Days⎬

You always need a good place for drinks and flowers. I think that about sums up my decor philosophy these days. With that new (to us) credenza, the bottles and bar tools have a much better home than the flowers. That said, I'm still hoping to add a tulip dining table where they can live and thrive. 

This moving into a new house thing has at least one advantage -- it's helping me define and refine my aesthetics, and I'm coming to the conclusion that yes, you can aim for a combination of mid century (minus the kitsch, thank you), Southwestern and Japanese styles. I haven't tried it yet; the house is mostly mid century minimalist for now. 

The downside to moving into a new home is how much time it's led me spend on design blogs (case in point, this new board I've been creating). I visit Apartment Therapy more than I am willing to admit. Also, spending too much money. But at least I know I'm spending it on pieces that are beautiful and will last. I'm very much against this cheap and disposable culture that is the norm in so many parts of the country, so I'm spending my money more wisely. My credenza must be 50 to 70 years old, and it's in perfect condition. It was built to last, not be replaced by the next move. If I don't break my Atelier Dion cups, I will probably keep them for years and years. They have such a clean design that I'd be a fool to replace them. The same goes for the Chemex. The one I own isn't old, but the design dates back to the early 1940s and it looks just as elegant now as it did then. 

Color : Mamiya C220 // Portra 800
B&W: Mamiya 645 Pro // Delta 3200


  1. i love your minimal style - it's what i strive for (but running out of space with a little one on the way).

    1. Thanks, Debbie! And congratulations on the little one! We need to meet up at some point! We have too many friends in common not to have met up already.