Aug 9, 2013

Delta & Miss Delta

Miss Delta has been one of my favorite restaurants in this city since I moved here. I don't go there often, so it keeps a special place in my heart. It feels a million miles away from the super trendy places that are popping up all over the place, and it has more charm than a lot of restaurants I've seen. The food is also delicious and comforting and so different from what I make at home that it warrants a few visits a year, especially when relatives come to town. Case in point: my father recently asked that we return when he and my mother come visit this fall. It'll be his third time eating there in two years, and he'll probably want to cook jambalaya for his friends when they go back to France.

Until my last visit, I'd never taken photos inside because it was always much too dark, but going there in July when it's light out late made photographing the drinks possible. And bringing Delta 3200 made that easier. When I look at the contrast in these images, I'm so happy that I finally tried that film.

Mamiya 645 Pro // Delta 3200


  1. Well, it pains me I have yet to visit! Putting it on my list right this very second...