Nov 27, 2011

Thanksgiving and Brittany

☞ How was your holiday weekend? Mine was spent in Southern Oregon and Portland. On Wednesday morning, we drove down to Roseburg to spend Thanksgiving with Brent's friends Cody and Andrea and their family and friends. The drive was a nightmare because it was raining hard and we couldn't see very far. As soon as we got there, though, we were greeted by two crazy dogs, so that made up for a lousy drive. 

☞ We had a really good time drinking vodka*, eating unhealthy food (and some healthy food, too) and playing games. I played Uno for the second time in my life and watched the others play poker. I baked two kinds of crackers (rosemary and parmesan and wine and feta). I also finished baking a freeform tart that ended up on the kitchen floor**, and made a delicious feta and dill dip to make up for losing part of our meal. I'd also brought an ugly chocolate and pear tart that was too rich, but really good. On Friday morning, Cody's wife and brother made frittatas with the leftover stuffing. 

☞ Before we left on Friday afternoon, we visited a winery where I took a few photos, and then drove back to Portland in perfect weather that made it possible to enjoy the scenery. It was a clear day so we were able to see the mountains. 

☞ I have three rolls of film to take to the lab so until then, you can enjoy some photos taken in Brittany a month ago. Watching these makes me miss Oscar even more.  

--1404 --1410 --1407 --1415 --1416

Minolta X-500
Photos 1 & 2 : Ektar 100
Photos 3,4 & 5 : Fuji 400H

* The good news is, I'm not allergic to potato vodka
** I was sad about its tragic fate then laughed about it. I just wish I'd seen it happen. 


  1. wonderful pictures. I like the colors. And the little puppy is so sweet. :)

  2. Eva -- You gotta do what you gotta do. It actually doesn't taste different, but then, I'm not a vodka connoisseur.

    Kristin -- Thank you very much! That's my favorite photo of him, actually.